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The Entrepreneurs

The Dome House YYC house is hosted by three female entrepreneurs, Rylia, Eva, and Nathalie, who have a passion for real estate, interior design, and construction. Although each of them has separate careers and families, they joined together to revamp the historic Dome House YYC into a luxury vacation rental and gathering space. These women dedicated all their time and resources to restoring this historic piece of architecture that has been a part of Calgary for over 50 years, transforming this property into a contemporary, vibrant, and stylish space for their guests.

Rylia Fielding

Rylia, a native of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, embarked on her journey surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of St. John, New Brunswick during her formative years. Her fascination with the world of business, instilled by her mother and grandmother, laid the foundation for her remarkable story.

Growing up, Rylia’s youthful spirit bloomed with boundless imagination. Nurtured by an environment that encouraged her to explore her artistic inclinations, her innate aptitude for design and aesthetics was apparent from an early age. With each brushstroke of creativity, Rylia effortlessly transforms the world into her canvas.

Having traversed the globe, Rylia’s adventures led her to own multiple businesses in the realm of fitness, weaving her entrepreneurial spirit into diverse enterprises. Her global voyages also took her to India, where she immersed herself in the study of yoga, enriching her journey with spiritual wisdom and ancient practices.

Following her academic pursuits, Rylia’s passion led her down the path of interior design and decorating. Her professional journey encompassed diverse ventures within the housing industry, granting her a panoramic view of styles and techniques. Amidst this rich tapestry of experiences, Rylia’s affinity for crafting novel living spaces found its zenith in new homes and luxury estates. The allure of composing elegant habitats for the discerning ignited her devotion, yielding interiors that seamlessly marry opulence with functionality.

With almost two decades of industry immersion, Rylia emerges as an esteemed trailblazer, a vanguard in the realms of new homes and interior design. From lavish residences to meticulously curated ensembles, her artistic ingenuity knows no boundaries.

Beyond the realm of design, Rylia’s vision extends to championing women’s development and empowerment. Her dedication to creativity and appreciation for beauty serve as unwavering pillars, propelling her to leave an indelible mark in both her professional sphere and the lives she touches.

Eva Xu

Eva Xu’s story begins in Shanghai in 2003. As life took her across the world, she found her second home in Calgary, Canada. With a degree in Health Science, Eva embarked on a successful 10-year career in banking, displaying her dedication and proficiency in the financial sector.
However, her heart was drawn to a different path – the world of New Homes where she crossed paths with Rylia, working together to help homeowners dreams a reality. 
Fuelled by a deep passion for homes and a love for creative expression, Eva decided to follow her dreams and pursue a new adventure. With a leap of faith, she transitioned into the realm of real estate, embarking on a journey that would change her life.
As a skilled realtor with five years of industry experience, Eva’s background in banking brings a unique perspective to her approach. Her financial acumen, combined with her knowledge of the construction and resale markets, enables her to offer comprehensive guidance to her clients, ensuring they make informed decisions in their real estate ventures.
Beyond her role as a realtor, Eva’s heart is captured by the art of home decor and handmade creations. Combining her artistic sensibilities with her expertise in the housing market, she transforms houses into havens of individuality, reflect
As a devoted single mom for the past eight years, Eva has gracefully balanced parenthood and her flourishing career, nurturing her child’s artistic talents and instilling a love for creativity. 
Eva’s journey of home, heart, and passion continues to unfold. With her diverse background, ranging from health science to banking, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a warm, personable touch to every interaction. As she continues to create dream homes and lasting relationships with her clients, Eva leaves an indelible mark on the lives and spaces she touches.

Nathalie Kante

Originating from Athens, Greece, Nathalie’s upbringing was shaped by her parents’ immigration journey and her own remarkable experiences. From her dedication to hard work to her unwavering spirit of independence, she embodies the essence of freedom.
Born during her parents’ refuge-seeking stay in dynamic Athens, amidst their escape from Romania’s communist regime, Nathalie’s early life was marked by diversity. This upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for multiplicity, a sentiment that would later shape her life’s course.
During her formative years, Nathalie embarked on a transformative journey as she joined the ranks of the sea cadets. This experience honed her discipline, leadership acumen, and collaborative spirit – qualities that would lay the foundation for her future endeavors.
From her earliest days, Nathalie demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and an unyielding desire to forge her own path. Her determination to be self-reliant was evident in every pursuit she undertook.

However, life took an unexpected turn when Nathalie’s daughter was born prematurely at just 24 weeks. This challenging situation shifted her priorities in unforeseen ways. Nathalie’s unshakeable commitment to her daughter’s needs and family became her driving force.
The arrival of her premature daughter intensified Nathalie’s journey through motherhood. The demands of a premature birth required her to showcase her adaptability. Guiding her daughter through neonatal care, medical decisions, and the emotional rollercoaster of the NICU showcased Nathalie’s unwavering resilience, tenacity and unwavering love, inspiring all who bore witness.

During this challenging time many changes took place, Nathalie and her partner started what is now a successful Mechanical Contracting enterprise. Skilfully navigating her role as a dedicated mother and a savvy entrepreneur, she managed the intricacies of homeschooling while guiding her company to success.

Nathalie’s decision to homeschool may be seen as unconventional but she emphasizes the importance of fostering strong family relationships, critical thinking, independent learning habits and the love for self directed exploration.

Her commitment to community and experiences led her to volunteer at Foothills Medical Centre. Engaging with the Parent Advisory Council for the NICU from its inception, she advocates for parents navigating the NICU journey. Her involvement supports the hospital’s mission to deliver impeccable care for preterm infants and their families.
Nathalie continuously encourages others to pursue their aspirations and to make a distinctive impact on the world around them.

The Past

The Dome House YYC was originally built in 1971 and in 2023 was renovated into a luxury Airbnb and Venue.
Take a look at the evolution of The Dome House YYC and the ladies who made it happen.